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HD Movies Latest ( collects information by automated means when a user visit, access the content on the website, mobile site, that link to this Cookie Statement. We collect information through cookies (including Flash cookies), web beacons, Facebook Pixels, web server logs, JavaScript, and other tracking technologies (collectively known as “Cookies”) to deliver and improve the HD Movies Latest Services, and to display relevant content, products, services and advertising (if required in future).

This Cookie Statement describes the information we obtain from the Cookies, how we use them, and how you can manage them. By using our services, you acknowledge you have read and accept this Cookie Statement. We may periodically update this Cookie Notice without prior notification to reflect changes in our practices. The revised version will be the one in practice so it is prudential to have a timely look to be aware of the latest version in practice).

  1. Get to Know Cookies:

Cookies small text files of simple Programs, which are ‘transmitted’ to your device when you access our website. They remember the information provided from your end so that you need not provide it again and again. They keep you signed-in across different devices and also help us in understanding the way people are using the services and the ways to improve the services.

Several types of cookies are there dedicated for gathering different information.

Strictly Necessary Cookies– for proper functioning of website on devices.

Functional Cookies– to give you a customized browsing experience

Performance Cookies– they give us information that whether the site is performing well or some correction is required

  1. Our Cookies Usage:

Following is the list of purposes for which the cookies are used by HD Movies Latest:

  1. Analyze the usage of the site and its content
  2. Better and personalized browsing experience
  • Remembering the commenting credentials
  1. Checking the website performance and getting to know about any bug or fixing required.

Third-party cookies from the ad-servers perform similarly to provide the interested ads. The privacy and cookie policy of those companies are neither governed nor the same as HD Movies Latest. To ensure their practices check the cookies policy elaborated by them.

  1. Changing Cookies Settings:

Without cookies, few necessary features might not work properly, and completely switching them off will affect the way you enjoy the services of HD Movies Latest. All three types of cookies used by HD Movies Latest (as mentioned in section 1) can be switched on or off in the browser setting. Strictly Necessary Cookies are on by default in the browser which can be switched as per the preference.

  1. Blocking Cookies from third party:

The website structure is designed while keeping a note of the third party cookies so switching them off will result in a disturbed performance of the site and services. Some problems with your account i.e. in commenting on videos might also be faced.