Our Team

Our team is committed to making HD movies more accessible. We have created a website that provides a wide variety of movies and TV series for free. With subtitles in Spanish, English, German and Portuguese. We have also created a responsive YouTube video player that allows you to browse through our HDTV catalog from any device — desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The streaming service offers more than 125 movies to viewers for free without having to pay for them in order to watch them.


Project Director

Project director is the person who oversees a project from start to finish, including setting goals and objectives, creating timelines and making sure that everything runs smoothly. Project manager is the person who manages a project. They are typically in charge of managing the staff members and managing the budget, timelines and stakeholders of a project.

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Web Developer

Web developers are professionals who create and maintain websites. They use languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to design a layout that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They also use databases to store information about users. Web developers may work in a variety of industries including technology, education, research or government.

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Movie Uploader

The main job for the movie uploader is to take care of content on the platform and make sure that it is being moderated appropriately. We have a set of guidelines that you can review here to help you understand our policies.